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Panther Workshop

Nestled between Biarritz city center and the airport, The Workshop is the epicenter of Panther’s handmade creative process. We welcome you to drop by our showroom filled with new surfboards and Panther’s Surfing Laboratory rentals.

Surfboard rentals

Panther’s Surfing Laboratory has almost all of our Panther Surfboard models available to rent on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re planning to travel around Biarritz on holidays without dragging around a surfboard or, if you can’t choose between different models, contact us to book a board or meet us at the workshop.

Surfboard repairs

Our Surf Doctor will take care of any of your dinged surfboards, polyester or epoxy, from shortboard to longboard and even paddleboards.
While your surfboard is being taken care of, you’ll be able to enjoy our Panther’s Surfing Laboratory Quiver at a special price, so you won’t miss out when it is pumping!


Repairs prices 2020

Panther Glass

Trained under some of the biggest names in Hawaii, Renaud puts his skills in resin and polish work at the service of professionals through Panther Glass.
He already worked with major international brands like Lightning Bolt, Campbell Brothers Hawaii, Stockholm Surfboard Club, Critters Toys Co…