Classic Noserider

Like a come back to the pure Californian classic longboard spirit.

Figure out : a parallel outline, a large nose combined with a shallow spoon (which means lift and stability), 50/50 pinched rails, a large square tail with a defined kick to bring some maneuverability and pivot and increase the water drag and finally a beautiful bottom shaped belly to vee. Handshaped only (just like 100% of our boards) to make this combination harmonious.



A sophisticated combination from which results a gracious surfboard for gracious surfing abilities.



The Classic Noserider will be your favorite dance floor on long waves from 50cm to shoulder high. We recommend to use a high density US Blank and a 1/2″ Red Cedar stringer or multiple stringers depending on what you’d prefer, Volan glass.



Keep a purist approach and choose a Pivot fin or dare to spice things up with a Flex LB.



Starting at 950€