Introducing Dana Model. One year and a half ago, I had the chance to restaure an amazing Phil Edwards from 1964 (9’8 21 1/4’’ 3 1/8’’), especially narrow, 50/50 full rails, glassed on D-fin, very heavy. It was truly such an iconic 60s surfboard. Anyways I’m not here to do a tell-all story but as interesting as it might be I took time to think about a model inspired by this board, and here comes the Dana Model.
It gets a slightly flatter rocker, 1 1/2’’ larger with much thinner rails but also keeps such a roundness up to its squash tail (without edge) relatively narrow. The bottom shape offers a pretty soft rolled vee which procures a smooth and easy planning.
This board can also be considered as a more classic version of the Speedshape, in-between a Glider and a rounder longboard.
Finally after having surfed many times in many different conditions I have been highly seduced and I think this Dana really earned its spot in our custom surfboards quiver.



Available at the Surfing Lab in 9’6


Lengths available from 9’2



Starting at 980€


Fin(s) Panther x Macho fins advised : Bow or FlexLB