After years of surfing with a Tracker with extremely pinched rails, I chose to surf an old Pig, 10’0, 50/50 rails pretty thick which hasn’t seen water in years. The board was hard to surf as my senses were now used to precise and meticulous surfboards. When needed to push harder, this Pig was almost too stable and wouldn’t be playful in the pocket.  From this, we thought of making a Pig made for a precise and radical surf, while still being watchful of the classic longboard codes.


The Piglet has particularly pinched rails, we kept the wide point 4” behind the center of the board but we considerably reduce its wideness and thickness compared to a true classic longboard. Which makes it a precise surfboard, especially radical while carving and easy to stick in the pocket. This is the perfect longboard for small glassy and hollow waves for a surfer looking forward something fun and playful.



Available at the Surfing Lab in 9’2

Lengths available from 9’0



Starting at 980€


Fin(s) Panther x Macho fins advised : Bow or FlexLB